How to disable 2FA on Aidos Market 


1. Enter your details, solve google captcha and click Login.

2. If you have lost your phone or for some other reason you can’t enter the code from your app on your phone for 2FA. Click “Reset Process”

3. Click “Reset Process”

4. Choose the reason why you cannot enter the code from the phone.

5. Select a country and enter your phone number, then click “Recover”

6. Be careful! Enter the phone number without the country code that you have already selected. If you wrote everything correctly, you will see such a message

7. Go to the mail and press "START"

8. Well done, now expect recovery. When the process is complete, you will receive a message.

Google Authenticator

For Google Authenticator, you will need to use the secret code that you wrote down when you set up two-factor authentication. Enter the app and manually add an account using that secret code.

Congratulations on successfully disabling 2FA!